New Year. New Record

As the world begins to open up and get back to normal, I am excited to announce that I'm back at work in the studio on a new record. The record is being co-produced with Mike Slo-mo Brenner (Wild…

Quarantine Sessions - Vol. 1

Even in these challenging times, angels find their way into our lives and remind us we are not alone. I wrote this song after a long conversation about being isolated and how these angels come in all forms to keep…

Midnight Gospel Hour

Rich Adams: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, B3 
Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner: Steel, Dobro, Bass Steel, Bass 
John Cunningham: Bass; Piano  
Pete Rydberg: Guitar 
Mark Schreiber: Drums, Percussion 
Brian Wright: Guitar 
Sarah Williams Larsen: Violin 
Meaghan Kyle: Backing Vocals
Matt Cappy: Trumpet 

Villains and Pariahs




Villains and Pariahs is the first single from the forthcoming LP entitled, Midnight Gospel Hour. 

Download the single here:

Rich Adams: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, B3  
Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner: Steel, Bass  
Mark Schreiber: Drums, Percussion  
Brian Wright: Guitar  
Sarah Williams…